I wish I was a robot

I am a graduated designer from Concordia University that love interactive and immersive experience. I am presently working in for a university helping with the online learning.

Let do a list:
- Designer
- UI/UX developper
- Front end developper
- Progammer
- Animator
- Illustratior
- and many other things.


What happen to my Cloth part 1 & 2
(solo project & team project)

Part 1 (solo project):

The first part of the project was a single wall, with small string, where you can hang your clothing.

The main goal was to put it in a open space where people can hang out their actual cloth or old cloth and build a wall where everything merge together.

From there you could interact with the wall, creating wave, dancing in from of it and every of the 28 cloth piece move individualy pushing by air pression.

The thinking behind the project was wathever the style, color, language, religion, we are all blending together into one entity.

How it work:
Software use : MaxMXP/jitter using a webcam (attach to the roof) as grid tracker.

Part 2 (team project):

We upgraded the project and created a seond wall, creating a ambiant and using claustrophobia. A critic of our mass consumption of cheap clothing.

Every wall use the same principle of the part 1, but we also added music and a television where you blend into clothing more you get close.

You can see it in action the video below, when we presented it to our classmate.

I did the wall construction and the wall programming on the project

Come and Join Me (team project)

2 differents space where uses, each one having a kinect and projector. The goal is playing with a stanger in a psysical world and see how you interact with this user. The important Thing to know, is you dont actualy see the stranger and the game can be played in more than one way.

This game wanted to see how people will interact and change their behavior, changing their mindset of winning to helping the other player. For each mini game (5 mini games) the role change, sometime your the protector, other time the one that need to be protected. In some scenario you can take more space or don't steal space from the other person.

I did the plan, graphic design, some programming and setup

Interactive Soccer Field (team project)

This project have the goal to create a interactive instalation that will interest people to play a sport but also give another life to a public space. By using a place we choose to exploit the soccer field and give it a bit more of a video game vibe, a mix between a sport and a game. With captor surrounding the fild and projection on the ground, we try to trasnport people in another space and reating new rule for the game.

I did illusation and plan you see below and participating to the conceptualisation

Online experiences

A Last Tranmission (solo project)

A game into space, that try to express an uncertain emotion through a craziness. People are invited to the experience giving them a narrative where the user are only a observer, powerless and without any solution, he is deliver to himself. Using webcam but also a graphical interface and sound, we wanted to create a reflection of yourself, a question about who you are and where you go. Into this empty and infinite space, this black box, you are alone, with yourself.

See the experience in action

Digitalization (solo project)

Observe and trying to explore different personality and how user/people we meet can sculpt us and create their own perception. I also added a navigation (top right) to be able to precisely select one effect or play with the auto navigation. You have multiple effect by persona and multiple persona.

Basically its my perception about the digitalization of our world, our persona transferred online. How im becomming someone else by your perception, your interpretation of me.

See the experience in action


Say Hi

I am always available for an intesresting project, installation, application, interactive and immersive work or online experiences.

You can ask me at

For long term opportunity you can download my resume if needed : My Resume if needed